The United Republic of Tanzania

Tanzania Tobacco Board

What we Do

By virtue of section 5-(1) of the Act, the functions of the Board are to carry out regulatory functions and such other activities necessary, advantageous or proper for the benefit of the tobacco industry, and in particular, include the following:-

  1. Advising the Government on policies and strategies for the development of the tobacco industry;
  2. Regulating and controlling the quality of tobacco and tobacco products;
  3. Collecting, refining, maintaining, using or disseminating information or data relating to the tobacco industry;
  4. Monitoring the production and exportation of tobacco;
  5. Making rules of processing, exportation, and storage of tobacco and tobacco products;
  6. Facilitating or assisting in the formation of associations or other bodies related to or dealing with the tobacco industry;
  7. Promoting and protecting the interests of farmers against syndicates of buyers which may be formed through associations;
  8. Controlling and prescribing measures for the preservation of the environment including avoidance of land degradation through compulsory aforestation and economical use of wood fuel programmes; and
  9. Representing the Government in the international and local forum in matters relating to or dealing with the tobacco industry