The United Republic of Tanzania

Tanzania Tobacco Board

Tobacco Growers Registration

For the purpose of monitoring contracts of farming, regulating tobacco quality, regulating tobacco processing and manufacturing, controlling import and export of tobacco, establishing basis for planning and dealing with any other relevant matter in the tobacco industry, Tanzania Tobacco Board is mandated to register all tobacco growers in the country. The Board issues identification card to registered growers and there is no registration fee paid to the board.

Qualification for registration as tobacco grower

A person is eligible for registration as tobacco grower if he/she satisfies the Board that:

  1. He/she has definite intension to commence growing tobacco within a period of six months, before the expiry of the registration period as stipulated in the tobacco crop activity calendar;
  2. The land where the tobacco is to be grown is within the ecological zone declared suitable for growing tobacco;
  3. The size of the farm in which tobacco is to be grown is not less than one hectare.

Requirement for Registration as tobacco grower

  1. name of a member grower and in case of a society or association, names of individual growers;
  2. types of tobacco to be grown and areas to be put under cultivation in that year of application;
  3. curing barn space available for the estimated tobacco to be produced;
  4. crop volume, production estimates, input stocks and additional inputs required in that year of application;
  5. storage facility to store tobacco grown; and
  6. grading and baling sheds.

De-registration of growers

  1. The Board shall strike out of the register any tobacco grower who falls to meet the terms and conditions of registration as provided in the Act and Tobacco Regulations.
  2. Any tobacco grower who has a subsisting contract with outstanding loans shall only be allowed to withdraw his registration after giving three months’ notice of his intention to do so.