The United Republic of Tanzania

Tanzania Tobacco Board

Who we Are

Tanzania Tobacco Board is a crop regulatory body established under the Tobacco Industry Act No. 24 of 2001 (as amended by Crop Laws (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act No. 20 of 2009). The main regulatory responsibilities of the Board asmandated by Section five (5) of the aforementioned legislation are:-

  1. Formulation, implementation and enforcement of policies, guidelines and standards aimed at regulating and improving the performance of the tobacco industry in Tanzania;
  2. Provision of advice to the Minister responsible for Agriculture and Government in general on all matters related to the tobacco Industry; and
  3. Promotion and development of a conducive environment for effective and fair competition to all stakeholders in the tobacco industry.


Excellence in the provision of regulatory, advisory and promotional services for the tobacco industry.


To render timely and quality services to tobacco growers and tobacco traders in terms of registration, technical bark stopping and facilitation of private sector contribution in the tobacco industry for enhanced and sustainable growth for the sector’s and country’s benefits.

Principal Activities

The main activities of the Board are developing, promoting and regulating the tobacco industry in Tanzania.

History of Tobacco Board

The history of the Tobacco Board goes back to the 1960s when the government established the Tanganyika Tobacco Board. In 1970 the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania established the Tobacco Authority of Tanzania (TAT). TAT was transformed in 1984 to become the Tanzania Tobacco Processing and Marketing Board.

In the year 1993 Tobacco Processing and Marketing Board was restructured to become the Tanzania Tobacco Board (TTB) following the privatization of the tobacco sector which reached its peak in 1997 when Tobacco Board activities were to be financed by the government. The current Board comes to operation after the enactment of the Tobacco Industry Act, 24 of 2001, in accordance with the Tobacco Industry Act, No. 24 of 2001 as amended in 2009.

Our Legal Mandate

In carrying out its responsibilities,Tanzania Tobacco Board has been given the following legal mandates:-

  1. Monitoring performance of the private sector whose role is mainly commercial to ensure that it operates in accordance with the tobacco industry legislation and other relevant policies of the country.
  2. Promoting collaboration between Private And Public Sector for implementation of shared functions.
  3. Preparing technical recommendations to the Government on tobacco policy issues in order to raise the industry’s contribution to the country’s development.

Also, in accordance to Tobacco Industry Act No.24 of 2001, the Board has the following powers:-

  1. To register or license tobacco growers, sellers and processors.
  2. To issue licenses to tobacco buyers, sellers and processors.
  3. To grant licenses for export or importation of tobacco from or into Tanzania.
  4. To appoint inspectors for the inspection of tobacco premises, and any other facility that may be inspected for the better carrying out any of the provisions of the Act.